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new channel: optimize

2015-04-03 09:51:54 by iambeast117

i am making a new channel called optimize all my current fans should come follow me again cause there will be some more epic music 

i think i will do more electronic-trance music!!!!

 also (if not done already) scout my channel for the audio page *it would be real helpful !!!!

i feel i need to start a new channel because i think i use to many loops and i want to start fresh (and cant be bothered to delete the like 25 songs with loops)

thanks and i hope to see u all  there soon



2015-03-24 10:00:31 by iambeast117

i am now on sound cloud aswell


2015-03-22 15:32:59 by iambeast117

i am now making progress ( and i want more MWAHAHAHAHAH) so at my audio page it said promote some sort of url so guess wot i am gonna do!!!!!!!!!!!


2015-02-14 13:07:44 by iambeast117

hey guys i accutally know something about music now

hi and welcome to my page

2015-01-26 15:36:49 by iambeast117

so basicly i muck around with music and want to become good so im gonna get better with you guys (through your comments)


my channel will consist mostly of 

remixs, muck abouts and totaly new songs and a new form of custom steps


ps totaly new songs and remixs will come in when i know somthing about music ;)